How to Stop Diarrhea in Dogs

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Diagnosis for Dogs With Diarrhea


If your dog suffers from frequent liquid bowel movements, or the current attack is severe and/or associated with vomiting, lethargy, abdominal pain or weight loss, make an appointment with a veterinarian. Diagnosing the cause of dog diarrhea can sometimes be as easy as running a simple fecal exam; at other times it can be challenging and require different procedures such as lab work, abdominal x-rays or ultrasound, endoscopy or exploratory surgery.


Prevention of Diarrhea in Dogs


There are several ways to reduce the occurrence of diarrhea in dogs:


  • Do not suddenly change a dog’s diet.
  • Do not give the dog bones as toys (firm rubber dog chew toys are a better choice).
  • Do not let the dog play with small objects that could be swallowed.
  • Do not feed your dog table scraps.
  • Do not allow your dog to scavenge.
  • Always keep your dog up-to-date with deworming and vaccinations.


Learn how to properly use a bland diet to treat a dog with diarrhea


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