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Harsh winter months can pose numerous health concerns for horses. However, we can help to prepare our horses for winter and provide the best outdoor winter experience for them, no matter their age or lifestyle. Considerations that are important for horses during the winter months include: Shelter… read more

The following content may contain Chewy links.PetMDis operated by Chewy. Even before you hear the first rumble, you can tell just by looking at your dog that a thunderstorm is brewing. Many dogs become very frightened with even the smallest storm. An upset pet may cause damage to your home or even… read more

The following content may contain Chewy links. PetMD is operated by Chewy. Rats can be terrific and entertaining pets. They rarely bite, are easy to keep, and are highly social and intelligent. Like all pets, life expectancy should be evaluated before bringing them home, in addition to researching… read more

The following content may include Chewy links. PetMD is operated by Chewy. Rats are typically gentle, intelligent, and fun pets. While they are generally low maintenance, they do have certain requirements to keep them happy and healthy. There are many breeds and 40 recognized colors and markings of… read more

NOTE: IF your cat may have eaten chocolate, contact your vet or the Pet Poison Helpline at855-764-7661. It’s well known that chocolate is toxic to our canine companions, but can cats eat chocolate? Eating chocolate seems less common in cats (perhaps because they can't taste sweet things), but… read more

The following content may contain Chewy links.PetMDis operated by Chewy. Many people love celebrating holidays—especially if they involve fireworks. For cats, however, holidays with fireworks can take on an entirely different tone: one of fear and anxiety. This fear can lead to dangerous situations… read more

Horses are naturally very curious creatures, which unfortunately makes them prone to cutting or injuring themselves. For example, horses may kick one another, attempt to jump fences, and cut their faces on objects in their stalls. Face and leg wounds are extremely common in horses, so it’s… read more

There are many different problems that can affect a horse's skin. These issues can range from very simple allergies and dermatitis to parasites and even tumors such as sarcoids and melanomas. When dealing with a skin condition in horses, it is important to understand the root cause of the… read more

Like humans, sleep is essential for the wellbeing of a horse. However, sleeping patterns and characteristics of horses are unique. Horses are polyphasic sleepers which means they have multiple periods of sleep throughout the day, with the majority occurring at night. Sleep patterns are based on the… read more

Pet insurance is a great way to help you afford veterinary costs while making sure your pet has access to the medical care they need. However, buying pet insurance can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with other types of insurance, such as homeowners… read more