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You may have been surfing the internet and stumbled across a hilarious video of a pug urinating while doing a handstand. While this is indeed funny, it is actually one of 12 distinct elimination postures dogs use while peeing. The handstand, among some of the more popular options like the “raise”… read more

People with depression experience persistent feelings of sadness and a lack of interest in life. When it comes to cats, it’s impossible to know if they experience the mental state of sadness, but we can observe their behaviors to determine whether they experience a lack of interest in life and may… read more

Many cats enjoy chasing after red dots, also known as laser pointer projections, as a favorite pastime. So why do cats like lasers so much? Are laser pointers good or bad for cats? There are many reasons cats go crazy for laser pointers. And it turns out, when used properly, lasers can actually be… read more

One of the biggest misconceptions about dogs is that a wagging tail means the dog is friendly. While it certainly can mean this, there are a multitude of reasons dogs wag their tails. At the most basic level, a wagging tail simply means the dog is ready or willing to interact. However, the type of… read more

Has licking become your dog’s favorite activity? There are many reasons dogs enjoy licking you—or everything else around them. While some dogs lick things out of boredom, for other dogs, licking can be compulsive, providing a calming and soothing sensation. When licking is a self-stimulating… read more

Many people burp after eating a large meal or drinking a beverage. Dogs also routinely burp after drinking a lot of water on a hot summer day. But can cats burp? And if they can, does it mean something is wrong? Here’s what you should know about cat burping and what you should do if your cat burps… read more

Most of a cat’s day is spent sleeping, so naturally their eyes are completely closed during that time. But what about when they’re not napping? Do cats blink like we do? How can you tell if your cat is blinking or squinting, or if something is in their eye? When your cat blinks, does it mean… read more

It’s a common scenario—one that you’ve probably experienced before. You’re on a walk or hike with your dog. You look down, and before you know it, your dog is rolling around on something. And it happens to be poop. Your dog rolled in poop right before you were ready to pop in the car for a long… read more

Yawning is perfectly normal in dogs. In fact, it is normal behavior in most vertebrates, including primates, horses, penguins, fish, cats, and even snakes, among many others. You’ve no doubt seen your dog settle in for a nap with a big, satisfying yawn just before they rest their head and drift off… read more

Dogs do a lot of really cute things. They also do a lot of gross things. Rolling in the grass can be either or both, depending on the situation. There are several reasons dogs roll in the grass, but most of them are about scent. Dogs have a strong sense of smell and use it to interact with the… read more