About Vet Verified

Our mission at PetMD is to be the most trusted source of pet health information on the Internet. Our team of vet writers and editors works hard to provide accurate and timely information to help pet parents make confident decisions when it comes to providing care for their furry (or feathery or scaly) family members.

We recognize that caring for a pet can be expensive and confusing. Caring for any kind of animal means choosing between hundreds of different foods, health and wellness products, and medications. We created the Vet Verified program to provide an unbiased source of information pet parents can rely on to find the best products for their pets. Through Vet Verified, our goal is to get to the real truth about the products you use to keep your pet healthy and thriving.

The Vet Verified program operates with complete editorial independence from Chewy’s role as a retailer. Products included in the program are selected by our Vet Advisory Panel without influence from manufacturers or vendors. Although any person or company is free to suggest a product for consideration, manufacturers cannot pay to place products in Vet Verified content. Once included in the program, products are reviewed by a panel of vets who have experience using or recommending these products in their practices. At least five vets or experts review every product, providing in-depth feedback through a series of blinded surveys and reviews. Reviewers receive no external compensation for participating. All opinions expressed in Vet Verified articles belong to the product reviewers and do not represent Chewy’s official endorsement.

Reviews and products that are included in the program will display the Vet Verified badge, whether they appear on PetMD, Chewy, or third-party sites. We also include “Buy” links on Vet Verified product reviews, so you can click through and buy the recommended products from Chewy. Our goal in providing links to products for sale is to create a frictionless experience that merges trustworthy information with easy access to the products. While Chewy does make money on purchases resulting from Vet Verified referrals, we are strict about maintaining the program’s editorial independence.

If you have any questions about the Vet Verified program, including how to submit products for consideration, please Contact Us