5 Fast Facts About the Akita

By PetMD Editorial on Jan. 20, 2010

If you don’t know what an Akita is, you’re not alone. It may sound like a fancy Japanese beer, but it’s actually a dog. A really handsome dog, at that. So buckle your cyber seatbelt and settle in for some fast facts on the Akita.

1. Exotic Locale

The Akita originated in Japan long ago. Some even believe that its place of origin influenced its character -- respect and trust are garnered only by dedicated trainers using proper motivation.

2. Eye of the Tiger?

Actually, the Akita was originally bred to hunt bears. It still retains that strong hunting instinct and will go off hunting on its own if you allow it to run about unleashed outside the yard or dog park. So, it’s best to keep an Akita leashed.

3. Don't Stand So Close To Me

The Akita may at first seem aloof and standoffish, but he isn’t. He’s merely independent and reserved with people. Though loving, the Akita is not considered a clingy breed.

4. Army of One

Perfect for the person who wants a dog to keep their home safe, but doesn’t want to train their pet to do so. The Akita does this naturally. In fact, the Akita may need to be taught from a young age that not all strangers are alike. Friends, meanwhile, should be introduced to the dog properly, so he knows who to trust.

5. Clean Breed

Despite its thick coat, the Akita does not require intense grooming, only regular brushing. The only exception is when his coat "blows" out twice a year. No, this doesn't mean he moseys on down to the local salon to have a "blow-out," rather his thick coat will malt in clumps. During these times increased brushing sessions are recommended, so as to help cut down on excessive cleaning around the house. Luckily, the Akita rarely gets dirty and hardly has that "dog smell" many other owners complain about.

So there you have it, some five fast facts on the mysterious Akita.

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