6 Best Ear Cleaners for Dogs in 2024

By PetMD Vet Advisory Panel on Oct. 26, 2023
dog lying on side while woman cleans the dog's ears

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A dog’s ears, just like those of humans, are the ideal home for bacteria and yeast to form due to the ear canal’s warm, moist, and dark environment. This type of environment can make their ears more susceptible to infections.

It’s important for pet parents to understand the health of their pup’s ears, especially if their dogs are prone to ear infections or seasonal allergies, so they can find the right ear cleaning product to either prevent or combat these health flare-ups.

Our panel of vets put together a list of the best ear cleaning products based on cost, effectiveness, type of ear issue, and more to help you find what works best for you and your pooch.

Note: If your pup has chronic ear issues or frequent ear infections , chat with your veterinarian about additional care your pup may need to combat these infections.

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