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Sturdy and muscular, the American Bulldog breed is well-known for their compact build and amusingly gentle demeanor. This working dog is short and stocky, but extremely loving and affectionate, making them the ideal snuggle buddies for naps or binge-watching TV.

The friendly and affectionate disposition of American Bulldogs makes them great additions to families with children—and the ultimate lap dogs; that is, if you can handle about 100 pounds snuggling on top of you. The American Bulldog can weigh anywhere from 60-120 pounds and can grow to a height of 28 inches.

When it comes to caring for this bully breed, The American Bulldog requires plenty of exercise outdoors, especially if they’re living in an apartment setting. Their short coats are easy to maintain and require minimal grooming.

To learn more about this loyal and cuddly bully breed, check out the American Bulldog field guide below.

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