9 Best Probiotics for Dogs in 2024, Recommended By Vets

By PetMD Vet Advisory Panel. Reviewed on Apr. 14, 2024
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Probiotics for dogs are beneficial microorganisms that live in your dog’s gut and contribute to a healthy gastrointestinal system. Just like humans, dogs have a variety of beneficial microorganisms that live in their digestive tract. Your dog's microbiome is important in their health and using a probiotic can help contribute to a healthy gastrointestinal system. 

About 95% of these microorganisms are bacteria, with the rest including a mix of protozoa, fungi, and even viruses. Probiotics supplements introduce high volumes of these beneficial bacteria, including Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Enterococcus, to help support gut health.

Probiotics are a great addition to your dog’s health plan and these products may also be helpful during the early stages of a puppy’s life (when their immune systems are developing), and dog probiotics may aid in helping a sick dog recover quicker.

For example, these may be helpful when searching for probiotics for dogs with diarrhea. Or you may be looking for a probiotic for dogs with allergies. As with any new addition to your dog’s care, always ask your veterinarian the best probiotic for your dog based on their health needs.

When you’re shopping for the best probiotic for your dog, consider the type of probiotic and number of microorganisms in the product, the cost, palatability (how tasty it is for your pup), how it’s administered, and the health function you’re trying to support. The quantity of microorganisms in a product is generally measured in billions of CFUs, or colony forming units.

The list of canine probiotics below has been reviewed by our panel of experts to provide you with a list of vet recommended probiotics for dogs.  As always, if you have questions about your dog’s digestive health, contact your veterinarian or one of our veterinary professionals at Chewy’s Connect with a Vet.

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