5 Fab Facts About the Maine Coon

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Published: June 29, 2009
5 Fab Facts About the Maine Coon

As cat lovers or even mere cat observers, we all know about the Maine Coon. Big, beautiful, and … well, that’s about it. Or is it? While we can’t tell you the origins and date of birth of the species (what feline or female wants anyone to know that anyway?), here are five fabulous facts about this most intriguing of felines.

#1 Floats On Water

Okay, okay, while the Maine Coon is an impressive cat, it cannot walk on water. It does, however, have water-resistant fur that not only enables it to withstand harsh frigid climates, but swim effortlessly through water.

#2 Let It Snow

This cat isn’t Frosty the Snow Cat by any means, but it is a cat that can, as we said, deal with cold winters. Its long bushy tail, while pretty, is actually meant to keep the kitty’s face and shoulders warm in the snow and cold. Brrr.

#3 Alpine Cat

Although we're unaware of any Maine Coon champion skiers, this cat's extra large paws have big tufts of fur between the toes that work like built-in snow shoes. All that, and not one skiing lesson required. Who knew?

#4 Mensa-Ready

This cat is one super smart, athletic and lovable feline. Best of all, she will never leave you to sit with the "cool" kids. Cats are like that. They know a quality friend when they see one. And that’s you. Cats are smart like that, too. Especially the Maine Coon.

#5 Playtime

Some people say cats are aloof. Obviously, these people haven’t met the Maine Coon. Sure, the Maine Coon may not be a lap cat, but she’s very loving and playful. Bring out the scrabble and the string! Additionally, she likes to talk in her special trilling voice and she’s gentle when she plays. So, let the games begin!

So there you have five fabulous fun facts about America’s favorite cat, the Maine Coon.

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