Top 10 Cat Breeds

Vladimir Negron
Feb 17, 2010
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For every type of person in the world, there is a breed of cat that will suit his or her taste and lifestyle. Active or laid back, fluffy or lean, massive or petite, there are so many cats to choose from that even "dog people" will find a cat that fits.

If you’re thinking of going all the way and investing in a purebred feline friend, you have come to the right spot. Here is our look at the top 10 cat breeds. And just as with dogs, some cats shed very little. So if you are concerned about cat allergies, there are some breeds listed below that will suit your lifestyle.

#10 The Oriental. Related to the Siamese, this cat has big pointed ears and an inquisitive personality. Its sleek body is more muscular that it would appear. The Oriental cat is also smart and social and will bond deeply with its owners. It can be quite vocal and demanding -- a very "dog-like" cat. Whether you get the longhair or shorthair version, the Oriental is a loyal and playful companion.

#9 The American Shorthair. This athletic cat was descended from the British Shorthair but is larger, leaner, and more powerful than its across-the-pond counterpart. Sort of like the American muscle car. The American Shorthair is healthy, gentle, easy going, and low maintenance -- grooming is not an issue with this breed. The American Shorthair comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. It’s also a very long-lived kitty, with a lifespan of 15 to 20 years not being out of the ordinary. Even better, the American Shorthair is great with kids and gets along well with dogs, too.

#8 The Birman. This beautiful cat is thought to have originated from Burma. Legend has it that the Birman cat was the protector of the Burmese temples. It’s a large, long, sturdy cat with long silky hair (which isn’t as thick as a Persian’s) that does not mat. This cat is known for its blue eyes, dark points on its ears, face, legs and tail, and snow white boots on all four paws. This is a loving, gentle cat that loves to play, but can stay quiet and out of the way when you’re busy.

#7 The Sphynx. We’re not talking about the legendary Egyptian monument or myth, but a real live, rare cat breed. The hairless Sphynx isn’t completely hairless; it has a fine peach-like fuzz over its body, which makes it very sensitive to the sun and elements. This sensitivity is also the reason the Sphynx should only be considered an indoor cat. It is warm to the touch, energetic, affectionate, and cuddly. The Sphynx will even snuggle under the covers with you. With its big pointy ears and curious nature, the Sphynx is a fun addition to any family.

#6 The Ragdoll. Thus named by a breeder in the early 60s because the cat was very relaxed and floppy when picked up. The Ragdoll is a gentle and affectionate cat, and will often follow its owners from room to room like a puppy. The Ragdoll is not good at defending itself and shouldn’t be allowed to roam the streets alone. In fact, it is careful not to use teeth and claws during play, which makes it ideal around kids. The hair of the Ragdoll is full and plush, requiring regular grooming, and although it is not as large as its coat would suggest, it is nonetheless one of the bigger cat breeds. This is a placid cat that really is satisfied with a relaxing lifestyle.

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