6 Reasons Why It’s Hard for Veterinarians to Talk About Overweight Pets


I’ve been a veterinarian for many years, but obesity is really something that all of us who love pets and want them to feel good and live long and healthy...

By Ken Lambrecht    Dec 14, 2017

How Millennials Are Reshaping Your Experience at the Vet’s Office


As we progress into the future, businesses are evolving to accommodate a new generation. This is happening across the board, but also includes veterinary medicine....

By Natasha Feduik    Nov 29, 2017

Are Dogs Self-Aware?


A recently published study took a new approach in exploring the concept of READ MORE

By Wailani Sung    Nov 21, 2017

Do Pets Know When They Are Full?


I often get asked what, how much, and when to feed dogs and cats. I don’t have a standard answer, because it depends on the specific animal. Some animals can...

By Hanie Elfenbein    Nov 14, 2017

Can Pets Die of a Broken Heart?


We’ve all heard the stories of couples who die within weeks, days, or sometimes even hours of one another. The cause is often cited as a broken heart. In fact,...

By Jennifer Coates    Nov 07, 2017