Why Dogs Love to See You Smile


Have you ever found yourself gazing into your beloved dog's eyes, feeling a connection that only you understand at that very moment in time? For a brief second,...

By Natasha Feduik    Feb 06, 2018

Are Cats Both a Liquid and a Solid?


Some of my favorite viral images involve cats squeezing into small spaces and adapting to the shape of their containers. By definition, a material that adapts its...

By Hanie Elfenbein    Jan 29, 2018

Clever Ways to Find Lost Pets


If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know how horrific the experience can be. Maybe the cat ran out the front door when a guest arrived, or the dog dug under the...

By Natasha Feduik    Jan 29, 2018

Medical Privacy for Pets


Medical privacy is a big deal. Nobody has the right to know what’s going on with regards to your health without your consent. But is the same true when it...

By Jennifer Coates    Jan 25, 2018

Clinical Trial Options for Pets with Cancer


You may have been researching potential treatment options for your pet online and come across many facilities or institutions that are partaking in or directly running...

By Chris Pinard    Jan 25, 2018