Cat and Owner Reunited After a Hurricane Separated Them 14 Years Ago

The reunion of a cat named T2 and his owner Perry Martin is both inspiring and serves as an incredible reminder to all pet parents to have their animals READ MORE

By Aly Semigran    Mar 22, 2018

United Airlines Temporarily Suspending Cargo Transportation of Animals on Flights

United Airlines has announced they are suspending reservations with their PetSafe program until May 1, 2018, meaning that pets will not be able to travel via cargo on any flights...

By Aly Semigran    Mar 21, 2018

Pit Bull Puppy Recovering After Enduring Horrific Abuse

Meet Emerald, or Emmie as she is also known, a resilient puppy who is getting a much-deserved second chance at life and love. 


On February 23,...

By Aly Semigran    Mar 20, 2018

Puppy Dies on United Flight After Attendant Allegedly Asked Family to Put Dog in Overhead Bin

Yet another heartbreaking chapter in the ongoing saga of READ MORE

By Aly Semigran    Mar 14, 2018