How to Choose an Experienced Cat Breeder


Also, check to see if the kittens and cats have been tested for infectious diseases, as well as defects. A reputable breeder will have records to prove this. Of course cats can become ill, no matter how well they’re looked after. But it’s a good idea to find out how the breeder handles sick cats, such as separating them from the healthy ones. A good breeder will allow you to take the kitten to an independent vet for a check up before you buy, too.


Asking the breeder about the food they use is another useful tip, as it can tell you a lot. A good, high-quality diet means healthier cats.


So, purebred shopping may not be like shopping in the exclusive strips of Los Angeles, Milan or Paris, but it can be an interesting ride. As you are picking your breeder, go into the adventure with information that will help you make the best choice possible. Remember, this is going to be your companion for years to come, so have fun and choose wisely.


Image: Konstantinos Papakonstantinou / via Flickr