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Are Obedience Classes Right for My Dog?

It’s important to find a safe, well-run puppy class to help your new puppy begin socialization and basic training. The right kind of puppy classes will take your puppy’s health into account and will be held in a disinfected space, since it’s likely your new puppy’s vaccination schedule will not be complete yet. 

Puppy classes will cover such topics as potty training, health issues, nutrition and dealing with common challenges like nipping. They will also teach you about positive reinforcement and how to implement it when training a puppy.

These classes are designed to not only let the dog become more accustomed to socializing with other dogs, but with friendly strangers as well. Typical puppy classes start with foundation training, like sit, down and come.

But beyond this, they give you the opportunity to ask questions, meet other pet parents and perhaps even set up doggy play dates. Puppy classes usually go for four weeks, and are scheduled one night per week, lasting about an hour.

Attending puppy classes at your local veterinarian’s office is a great way to get your puppy to see the vet’s office as a place where they have fun. There will also be more of an emphasis on health, with the instructor showing you simple ways to help your puppy acclimate to handling procedures like nail trims, tooth brushing or early detection methods for common illnesses.

Remember, puppy classes are merely an introduction to puppy training, so it’s always a good idea to continue going to more classes as your puppy grows. After all, good manners take time.

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