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Published Jan. 3, 2010

The Jinzhou horse breed is a source of pride among the people of Jin County in the Liaodong Peninsula. This is a strong, resilient and energetic horse breed that is perfect for riding and draft work. Its harmonious, well-developed body and powerful features make it one of the top choices for agricultural and other intensive labor.


Physical Characteristics


Jinzhou horses are strong and are thus used for draft work. They are well-built with a harmonious and relatively attractive conformation. They are usually bay in color. Their legs are well-built and characterized by excessive but clean hair and well-developed tendons. Their croup is sloped and muscular, their chest is wide and set deep, their back is short but muscular, and their withers are well-pronounced. Their head has a ram- or rabbit-shaped profile, and is attached to a high-set and curved neck.


Personality and Temperament


Jinzhou horses are not only strong; they also have high levels of endurance. This makes them capable of enduring extensive labor on a daily basis. They have a knack for working quickly, as they are also inherently active and energetic.


History and Background


The Jinzhou is a Chinese horse breed that originates from Jin County located on the Liaodong Peninsula, in the northern part of the Yellow Sea between the Bohai Sea and Korea Bay. In the past, the Jinzhou was primarily Mongolian; the Japanese, however, crossed it with other breeds such as the Anglo-Norman, the Hackney and the Orlov Trotter which were brought to China from the late 1920s to early 1940s. A more important event in the development of the Jinzhou breed, however, is the infusion of the Percheron blood; this was done in order to provide the Jinzhou with more power and thus make it suitable for military use. During the late 1940s a further attempt to improve the breed was made, resulting into the modern-day Jinzhou breed.

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