Hungarian Sport Horse


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Updated Aug. 11, 2022

The Hungarian Sport Horse is a horse breed that originated in Hungary and was developed mainly for use in equestrian and other horse-related sports.

Physical Characteristics


The Hungarian Sport Horse has to pass conformation standards at the pre-qualification stage. It must also exhibit proper dressage; e.g., elastic movements and comfortable ride. Because the Hungarian Sport Horse stands at between 16 and 17 hands (64-68 inches, 163-173 inches), it is excellent at jumping.


Personality and Temperament


The Hungarian Sport Horse is a lively and energetic animal with great stamina. Although this spirited mount requires experienced handlers, the Hungarian Sport Horse is considered highly trainable. In fact, the horse is quick to follow any commands given by its rider.


History and Background


The Hungarian Sport Horse is bred for four main types of horse competition: racing, trotting, jumping, and dressage. Each Hungarian Sport Horse is classified only after it has been evaluated through the use of specialized tests. These tests usually require the accomplishment of the following: dressage, cross-country, 5,000-meter trot, two 1,000-meter trots, and an obstacle course to test the horse’s galloping abilities. Different tests apply for mares and stallions.


The field tests commence when the horse is four years old. Stallions that pass the tests are used as studs, thus ensuring the continuity of the breed and the fine qualities with which it is associated.

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