French Trotter

By PetMD Editorial on Jan. 2, 2010

The French Trotter is a typical horse breed usually known for its talent in racing. It is also called the “Norman Trotter”.


Physical Characteristics


The French Trotter usually has a big head with a straight contour, a deep chest, extended neck and a broad croup. Its shoulders are somewhat straight, but as the body moves, it appears broader. The colors of the French trotter are usually bay and chestnut brown. It is an average-sized breed which stands 15.1 to 16.2 hands high (60-65 inches, 152-165 centimeters). 


Personality and Temperament


The French Trotter is a gentle and calm horse. It is very submissive and easy to train. It is most commonly used for breeding. Male trotters are used to mate with purebreds and are also fit for racing.  The breeder usually assesses the trotters according to their corresponding category in racing. Because of its amazing strength and solid contour, the French Trotter was used in schools for horse riders. The breed shows exceptional gait, determination, discipline, intelligence and endurance.




Today, the French Trotter is the best selection for trotter racing. These horses are specially trained for this sporting event. Every trotter is assessed according to its capacity for racing. Therefore, many breeders are focused on new developments to improve this breed.


History and Background


During the 1800s, trotting races grew in popularity. Many breeders longed for a horse that showed speed, agility, endurance and a refined gait. So, the French Trotter was developed. This horse is a mixture of an English Thoroughbred and a Norfolk trotter which was commonly seen in Great Britain. Sometimes, the breed is matched with Normandy mares.

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