The Top 3 Pet Fish for Kids

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By PetMD Editorial on Aug. 14, 2009
The Top 3 Pet Fish for Kids

Most Popular Starter Fish 

If your child is pestering you for a pet but you don’t really want the responsibility of caring for a puppy or a kitten, perhaps a fish (or some fish) is a good compromise.

Low Maintenance

Of course, having fish is more than simply throwing some food in the tank once or twice a day. But, depending on the type of fish, they’re fairly low maintenance pets and, if you get the right ones, cheap and hardy.

Fish School

Fish are great starter pets for kids, which will teach them about responsibility, and give them something to do after school apart from playing video games or watching cartoons.

Where to Start?

Do some research. Fresh water fish are much easier to care for than saltwater fish. And live-bearing fish are easiest of all. Variety and color will keep a kid interested, but remember hardy is the key. Sure, goldfish the cheap traditional standby, but variety is the spice of life.

Here are the top three most popular fish for children.

#3 The Platy

Live-bearing and sturdy, this fish comes in many varieties. The platy is considered one of the top beginner fish. They can be kept in a smaller tank than the swordtail, but they like to have friends, and are friendly and active. Pop some plants in the water and they’re good to go. They eat fish flakes and, like all live-bearing fish, are omnivorous.

#2 The Swordtail Fish

Another live-bearing fish, the swordfish loves to swim in all areas of a tank. It enjoys plants in their living environment to frolic in and requires plenty of room to move about. The swordfish is similar in shape to both the guppy and the platy, but is the huskiest of the three. Additionally, swordtails come in many different colors, and will quickly liven up a drab children's room.

#1 The Fancy Guppy

Also known as the guppy and the millionsfish, this live-bearing creature loves to live in groups and is most adaptable -- able to live in various tank conditions, including brackish water. The guppy comes in lots of colors and also loves to play amongst the plants.


So there you have it, either choose one type of fish or fill your aquarium with many of the fish listed above. Once properly informed in the manners of a fish, your child will be ruler over his own watery kingdom.

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