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Updated Aug. 11, 2022

The Iomud is an ancient horse breed that was developed in the oasis of southern Turkmenistan. Now considered a rare breed, the Iomud is beloved by riders because of its physical characteristics and temperament.


Physical Characteristics


The Iomud is an average-size horse, standing at 14.2 to 15.2 hands high (57-61 inches, 145-155 centimeters). Its body shape, although muscular, is rather compact and has a relatively small frame. The head’s profile is well-proportioned with a neck that is of medium length. The chest is not wide and the limbs are characterized by strong and powerful hooves.

The horse’s movements are fluid, soft, and floating; it is thus a very comfortable mount (though it is thought to have a fast walk). Due to its jumping ability and endurance, the Iomud is also well-suited to the sport of cross-country racing. The horse's coat may be colored gray, chestnut, or black, and unlike most horse breeds, the mane is sparsely scattered.




The Iomud is a hardy, desert horse that requires minimal care. In fact, it is accustomed to scarce food and water rations.


History and Background


The Iomud horse breed derives its name from the Southern Turkmenia tribe that reared it: the Iomud. The Iomud, however, is not the same as the native horses in the area; it is a result of mating the native horses with horses of other breeds. First, local stock was crossbred with the Arab and the progeny was later improved with the infusion of Mongolian and Kazakh blood. The result of this breeding program is what we now know as the purebred Iomud.


However, the population of the purebred Iomud declined substantially in the latter half of the 20th century, and stud farms were set up in Turkmenia in 1983 to preserve the breed. Breeding authorities today and still working to gather the best remnants of the Iomud breed to save the gene pool and prevent their extinction.

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