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By PetMD Editorial on Dec. 6, 2009

The Gelderland, or Gelderlander, is a heavy warmblood breed of horse that was developed in the Netherlands province of Gelderland. An ancient breed, it is typically used as a riding or pack horse.


Physical Characteristics


The Gelderland usually comes in solid colors, though some have distinctive markings on the forehead. It has an elongated head and brawny neck; meanwhile, its withers, which are slightly broad, connect with the shoulders at a slight angle, though still in proportion with the neck and chest, which is broad. The Gelderland also has strong legs, supple joint, and tough, well-formed hooves.

Personality and Temperament


The Gelderland exudes sophistication, intelligence, and gentleness. Aside from being docile, it is recognized for its determination.


History and Background


The Gelderland is a warmblood horse breed which originated from the eponymous mid-eastern province in Holland. Although the breed has only been official since the late 1960s, some experts contend the breed is much older. The development of the Gelderland can be traced back to crossbreeding with a variety of horses, including the Andalusian, Neapolitan, Norman, and Friesian.

Still considered a riding and working horse today, the Gelderland is beloved by farmers in Holland, especially since they have become rare. The horse also has an efficient trot that horse show enthusiasts admire.

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