Dutch Tuigpaard

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Dutch Tuigpaard

The Dutch Tuigpaard, a breed that originated from Holland, is mostly used today as a carriage horse.


Physical Characteristics


Standing at average height of 16.2 hands (65 inches, 165 centimeters), the Tuigpaard is truly a magnificent horse. Although large and heavy, its most distinct characterstic is its tremedous thrust, which is derived from the powerful haunches, located well under the body. Also impressive is the loud thunderous clap its hooves make while striking the ground at full speed. 

The most common colors for the Tuigpaard are black, chestnut, or bay.

Personality and Temperament


Though physically intimidating, the Dutch Tuigpaard has a good temperament and obediently accomplishes all tasks.


History and Background


Dutch Tuigpaard, if translated, literally means "carriage horse," although it was once used in the fields for farm work. In fact, it was seen as a symbol of high status amongst farmers. However, when farmers began to use machines in their operations, the Dutch Tuigpaard horses were relegated to the arena as show horses.

The Dutch Tuigpaard is registered with the Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands, but it has its own distinct classification. Mainly due to their regalness and swift movements, when it is not used as a show horse it is most often seem on a country road, carriage in tow. 

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