French Saddle Pony

By PetMD Editorial on Jan. 2, 2010

The French Saddle Pony which is also known by its French name, “Poney Français de Selle” is a typical riding pony. It is one of the most common saddle ponies in France.


Physical Characteristics


This breed is a typical saddle pony. It can be seen in gray, bay, chestnut brown and black.  These horses have a small head with a straight outline. They have bright eyes; the ears are complementary to the outline of the face; the neck is well-defined and their withers are distinct. The breed has an erect back and an inclined croup. The chest is broad and a bit deeper than most, while the shoulders are quite curved and extended. The legs are sturdy with flexible joints and the hooves are hard and well-formed. It is a small pony which stands 12.1 to 14.2 hands high (48.4-56.8 inches, 123-144 centimeters).


Personality and Temperament


The French Saddle pony is a horse filled with strength, discipline and determination. These horses are very submissive, and that’s why they are used in horse competitions.  They have the ability to combine agility with elegance, creating a harmonious relationship between the rider and the horse.


History and Background


The French Saddle pony is developed from cross-breeding purebreds like pure French mares with Arab or Welsh horses. The breeders have been creating new ways to improve native ponies into a strong saddle pony. These animals have been designed to become superb riding ponies in schools for children. They are excellent at galloping and jumping, holding their riders even when moving at great speed.

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