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Originating from Turkey, the Araba is mainly bred and used for riding and for pulling carriages. In fact its name, Araba, literally means "horse wheel carriage."


Physical Characteristics


Standing at between 12 to 13.3 hands high (48-53 inches, 122-134 centimeters), the small Araba breed has a beauty and an elegance often reserved for horses used by the royalty. Beauty, however, is not its only asset. The Araba is also fast, agile, muscular, and durable, which is ideal for riding and pulling carriages or heavy loads, even for long distances.


History and Background


The Araba is a direct descendant of the Anadolu, also from Turkey. It was established with the express purpose of producing horses capable of pulling carriages. In other words, the breeders took great care to choose the parent stock that yielded the traits that are ideal for the job.


Even today, these horses are still in use in Turkey. Automobiles are rather impractical in some regions and horse carriages are more suitable to the terrain. In large cities, however, use of the carriages pulled by the Araba is forbidden. 

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