Oral Flea and Tick Treatment

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By PetMD Editorial on Mar. 27, 2015
Oral Flea and Tick Treatment

What It Is

Oral flea and tick medications are pills or tablets that treat and prevent infestations.

Active Ingredients

Afoxolaner, fluralaner, nitenpyram, spinosad

How it Works

These medications are absorbed and secreted into the sebaceous glands. The ingredients are neurotoxic to the insects.

How to Administer

Most products are given as a flavored pill, though some pets may require you to hide the medication in another food product. Pets do not need to be isolated from other pets or children after administration.

How Often to Administer

Varies from once a day to once every 12 weeks. Use as directed.

Precautions: Are Flea Pills Safe for Dogs and Cats?

May cause vomiting in some pets. Less commonly seen side effects are lethargy, itching, excessive salivation, or rarely, seizures. Make sure to give the dose appropriate for your pet’s weight and species. Should not be given to pets with an allergy to pork as pork proteins are often used for flavoring.

Product Examples

Fleas: Capstar (for daily use), Comfortis, Trifexis

Note: Sentinel contains an ingredient to stop the development of flea larvae but does not kill adult fleas.

Fleas and ticks: Bravecto (every 12 weeks), Nexgard, (for monthly use).

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