Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms?

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By Victoria Lynn Arnold. Reviewed by Sandra C. Mitchell, DVM, DABVP on Nov. 21, 2022
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 NOTE: Always check with your veterinarian first before giving your dog any new foods, especially “people foods.” What might be okay for one dog might not be good for your dog, depending on multiple factors, such as their age, health history, health conditions, and diet. Dogs on prescription diets should not be fed any food or treats outside the diet.

If your pup munches on a mushroom, you need to know: Are mushrooms toxic to dogs? The answer is … sometimes.

Mushrooms you buy at the store are fine for dogs to eat. But wild mushrooms can be poisonous to dogs, just like they can be poisonous to us. So if you’re hiking out in the woods or have a large backyard where wild mushrooms sprout, make sure your dog isn’t sniffing around them.

Are Mushrooms Bad for Dogs? 

Although store-bought mushrooms aren’t toxic to dogs, they don’t offer many benefits either. In short, there are much more nutritious fruits and veggies you can feed your pup as a snack, such as blueberries, broccoli, or green beans.

That said, many wild mushrooms can be poisonous to dogs. Because of this, it’s important to monitor your yard for any shroom squatters and to supervise your pup on walks, hikes, at the dog park, or whenever he’s outside. 

If you see your dog eat a wild mushroom, take a sample to bring to your veterinarian so they know what they’re dealing with. If your dog gobbled up the entire mushroom, give a description of its appearance and the surroundings to your vet as best as you can. 

Mushrooms That Are Poisonous to Dogs

Not all wild mushrooms are poisonous to pups, but the list of those that are is long. Here are some of the common shrooms to stay away from throughout the U.S.

  • Amanita phalloides (death cap mushroom)

  • Amanita bisporigera (death angel)

  • Chlorophyllum molybdites (false parasol)

  • Galerina marginata (funeral bell)

  • Gyromitra esculenta (false morel)

  • Amanita muscaria (fly agaric)

Symptoms of Mushrooms Poisoning in Dogs

If your dog ate a poisonous mushroom, he’ll likely exhibit some of the following symptoms:

What To Do if Your Dog Eats a Mushroom in the Yard

If your dog eats any wild mushroom, call your veterinarian immediately. The sooner he receives veterinary attention, the better. If your vet asks you to come to the clinic, don’t forget to bring a sample of the mushroom, if you’re able, so they will know how to treat your dog.

Can Mushrooms Be Good for Dogs?

You should only ever feed your dog store-bought mushrooms. They contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients like fiber, protein, iron, magnesium, and vitamins A, B, C, and E. 

That said, mushrooms don’t provide as much of these nutritional benefits to dogs as they do to humans. There’s no real advantage to feeding your dog mushrooms.

Mushrooms That Are Safe for Dogs

Grocery store mushrooms that are not toxic for dogs include:

  • White button

  • Cremini

  • Portabella 

  • Baby bella 

  • Shiitake 

  • Porcini

  • Maitake

If your dog is curious about the cooked mushrooms you made with dinner, make sure they’re prepared completely plain. Salt, oils, and butter are very unhealthy for dogs, and common additives like garlic and onions are toxic to dogs. 

How to Feed Your Dog Mushrooms

If you do choose to share some of your mushrooms with your dog, they need to be store-bought, washed thoroughly, and prepared plain.

As with any special treat for your dog, make sure to cut the mushrooms into small, edible pieces to prevent any choking hazards.

And keep in mind: Any snack for your pup should only make up 10% of your dog’s diet. The other 90% of their overall diet should come from well-balanced dog food.

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