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Ear Hematoma in Cats

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Ear hematomas, also known as auricular hematomas or aural hematomas, occur when blood accumulates in the flap (or pinna) of the ear.


Symptoms and Types


Characterized by a swelling of the ear flap, ear hematomas often occur in only one ear. However, it is possible for both ears to have hematomas. The swelling may involve the entire ear flap or it may cover only part of the ear flap.




The most common cause of an ear hematoma in cats is an ear mite infection. Ear mites cause irritation to the ear, resulting in shaking of the head which in turn causes the development of the hematoma. Other ear infections can also be responsible for hematoma formation.


Less commonly, allergic skin disease, immune disorders or blood clotting deficits can be the cause of ear hematomas.




Ear hematomas are usually easily diagnosed by physical examination.