Vaccinating Your Kitten


Adult Cat Vaccination Schedule


Your cat will need boosters on the core vaccines one year following the initial kitten vaccines. After that booster, these vaccines are generally boostered every one to three years, based on the specific vaccine used and the lifestyle of the cat. Consult your veterinarian for advice about the proper vaccination schedule for your cat. 


Non-core vaccines are boostered annually, but only for those cats at risk for the particular disease. Your veterinarian will help you determine the relative risks to your cat depending on your cat’s lifestyle, and will help you lay out an effective vaccination schedule based on your cat’s individual needs.


Cost of Kitten and/or Cat Vaccinations


The cost of vaccinating your kitten can vary widely depending on your geographical location, the individual veterinary practice you visit, the type of vaccine, and many other factors. Costs ranging from $20-$45 are not unusual for an individual vaccination alone, and most veterinarians will want to perform a physical examination before vaccinating your cat, which can add an additional $50-$100 to the total cost. Your kitten may need to receive more than one vaccine during a visit as well. For instance, your kitten may need to receive a rabies vaccine along with the FVRCP vaccine.


Many practices offer packages that include multiple procedures for kittens. For instance, a new kitten might receive a physical examination, a first vaccination, a deworming, a test for feline leukemia, and a fecal examination all during the same visit. Some veterinary hospitals offer a special price for these packaged services. Costs may range from $70-$250, or more if spay/neuter surgery or other services are included in the package.


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