5 Minimalist Cat Costumes That Your Cat Might Not Hate

Victoria Schade, CPDT-KA
By Victoria Schade, CPDT-KA on Jul. 20, 2018

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By Victoria Schade

It’s a universally accepted truth that if you try to dress your cat in a cat Halloween costume, you’ll probably end up with some battle scars for your efforts.

Most cats don’t appreciate putting on cat costumes, and they might show their displeasure by lashing out with claws, or falling to the ground and refusing to move, or running away and hiding. Cat parents who are eager to celebrate Halloween with their feline usually have the odds stacked against them. 

But there are some minimalist costumes for cats that look adorable and are less likely to provoke an unhappy reaction. Cats tend to do better with a “less is more” approach to celebrating the spooky season, so the following suggestions will satisfy your Halloween spirit without making your cat uncomfortable.

Finding the Right Cat Costume for Your Feline Best Friend

Want to dress your cat up as a pirate, ballerina or shark for a social media photo shoot? While you might be able to get the costume on your cat, once she’s in it, she’ll probably be miserable, resulting in photos that look more like mug shots than a celebration of the Halloween holiday. But simple Halloween-themed accessories and basic costumes can result in adorable sourpuss-free shots.

A Themed Cat Collar

The easiest, low-stress way for your cat to show off on Halloween is by wearing a festive collar. Whether it’s covered in spooky ghosts or adorable pumpkins, a cat collar is a stress-free way for your cat to celebrate the Halloween season.

Got a cat who’s a sports fan? Try a Pets First NFL collar and bandana combo, like the Pets First Pittsburgh Steelers Pets First NFL bandana collar. Keep in mind that some adventure cats can benefit from a breakaway collar that releases if it gets caught on something.      

A Cat Bandana

A cat bandana might seem like a simple costume, but tying one on can transform your cat into a cowgirl, (with the Lucy & Co. Kennedy bandana), a suave gentleman (with the Tail Trends Mr. Darcy bandana) or a Brooklyn hipster (with the Fab Dog infinity scarf).

If your cat has never worn a bandana or scarf, give her an opportunity to investigate it before putting it on. Once you have the cat bandana on, make sure that it’s loose enough that she can slip out of it if necessary.

A Cat Bow Tie

The dapper cousin to a collar, a bow tie turns Halloween into a formal affair. Whether you stick with a basic black bow tie or opt for preppy plaid pattern, like the Tail Trends Day of the Week plaid bow tie collar slider, your cat is sure to dazzle at your Halloween festivities.

Bow ties for cats come in all sorts of patterns, like the Necoichi Japanese Kimono style bow tie cat collar, which is sure to complement every cat’s coat.

As with any costume, be sure to give your cat enough time to acclimate to wearing something new.

A Cat Hat

While a hat might be testing the boundaries of what your cat considers an acceptable costume, there are some cats who are willing to tolerate one. If you plan on trying to put a hat on your cat for Halloween, opt for one that doesn’t interfere with her ears or whiskers.

A hat that encases the head and only leaves the face exposed will probably lead to grumpiness, but a hat that sit on top of the head, like the Rubie’s Costume Company brown cowboy hat, will probably pass your cat’s costume test.

When suiting up your cat in a hat, remember to test the elastic band to make sure it’s not too snug under your cat’s chin. To ensure that it doesn’t push against her ears, you can attach it to the back of her collar instead of sitting atop her head.

A Cat Cape

Some dog costumes can do double duty as cat costumes. While many of them are too elaborate to get the feline seal of approval, a simple cape sticks with the minimalist vibe that most cats appreciate.

A minimalist cape, like Rubie’s Costume Company Batgirl cape, allows your cat to transform into a crime fighting hero without an elaborate costume. Most cape pet costumes also feature a hook and loop fastener that makes it easy to get off and put on. Your cat might start leaping buildings in a single bound, or opt to settle under her cape like it’s a cozy blanket.

No matter which low-stress cat costume you choose this Halloween, remember that your pet’s comfort and safety should come first. By opting for a minimalist costume that doesn’t interfere with your cat’s vision, hearing or mobility, you’ll be less likely to have a Halloween scaredy-cat.

Victoria Schade, CPDT-KA


Victoria Schade, CPDT-KA

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