Liz Bales, VMD

Liz Bales, VMD

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Educations & Trainings

  • Middlebury College, BA 1995
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine 2000

Activity & Honors

  • Alumni Commencement Speaker University Of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine 2020
  • 19 Women to Watch Women & Wealth Magazine 2019

Advisory Boards

  • The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Cat Friendly Practice
  • Fear Free
  • Vet Candy
  • The Human Animal Bond Association
  • The Pet Professionals Guild

Inventor of international award winning The Hunting Feeder for cats. Dr. Bales launched The Hunting Feeder with a successful kickstarter campaign.

Inaugural member of Philadelphia 76ers Innovation Lab 

Professional Memberships

  • AVMA
  • PVMA
  • PPG
  • HABA

Dr. Elizabeth Bales

Dr. Liz Bales is a graduate of Middlebury College and The University of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine. She focuses on unique behavioral and wellness needs of cats. 

Dr. Bales is a writer, speaker and featured expert in all things cat around the globe, including multiple appearances on Fox and Friends, ABC News, Cheddar, QVC, Sirius xm, NPR’s How I Built This and more. In print, Dr. Bales is a regular contributor to PetMD,, Modern Cat Magazine, and Fear Free Happy Homes. Dr. Bales serves on the advisory boards at:

  • University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine 

  • Cat Friendly Practice,

  • Fear Free

  • Vet Candy 

  • The Human Animal Bond Association

  • The Pet Professionals Guild

She is the founder of Doc and Phoebe’s Cat Company, and the inventor of The Hunting Feeder for cats. Dr. Bales launched The Hunting Feeder with a successful kickstarter campaign, joined the Philadelphia 76ers Innovation Lab for two years and licensed the brand to global manufacturing and distribution company Ethical Products--where she is the spokesperson, product developer and marketing designer for the brand, landing her a spot on Women & Wealth Magazine features 19 women to watch.

She has just launched V2 of The Hunting Feeder and plans to launch 5 revolutionary new products in 2020. 

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