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Did You Know that UPS Drivers Have a Facebook Group to Share Pics of the Dogs They Spot?

Every animal lover can admit that they get a little excited when they spot a dog out in public.   READ MORE

Dec 19, 2019


Auto-Tuned Cat Is the Mixtape Drop We’ve All Been Waiting For

  Image via Twitter/Joaquin Baldwin   READ MORE

Feb 20, 2019


Labrador Retriever Thwarts Porch Pirate in Utah

  Image via Whitney King Cahoon/Facebook     READ MORE

Feb 05, 2019


Oregon Considers Making Border Collie Official State Dog

  Image via     READ MORE

Jan 28, 2019


Netflix Documentary on Cat Shows Is Mesmerizing Audiences

  Image via     READ MORE

Jan 25, 2019


American Kennel Club Introduces a New Dog Breed: the Azawakh

  Image via   READ MORE

Jan 03, 2019


Mounted Police Officer Stops to Play a Game of HORSE

  Image via   READ MORE

Jan 02, 2019


Snapchat Releases Dog-Friendly Lenses

  Image via Facebook/Wags and Walks     READ MORE

Dec 27, 2018


Officer Demoted for Surrendering Retired Police Dog to an Animal Shelter

  Image via Facebook/New York Times     READ MORE

Dec 18, 2018


Fashion Designer Jean Paul Gaultier Bans Fur From His Runways

  Image via   READ MORE

Nov 15, 2018


Samoyed Dog Breed Barks the Most, According to Dog Camera Company

  Image via     READ MORE

Nov 09, 2018


Florida Votes to Ban Greyhound Racing

Image via   READ MORE

Nov 07, 2018