Hackney Pony

By PetMD Editorial on Dec. 15, 2009

Directly related to its larger English cousin, the Hackney pony is a harness pony mainly used as a child’s mount and as a primary attraction in shows.


Physical Characteristics

It is a medium-sized pony that stands about 12 to 14 hands high (48-56 inches, 122-142 centimeters).
Despite its size, the Hackney pony is very fast and agile. It has a slightly sloped yet well-muscled neck, smooth back, well-formed croup, and high-set tail. The shoulders are broad, while the legs are lean with durable joints and dense hooves. Most Hackney ponies have a bay-colored coat, though some are seen in shades of brown, gray, and black. There are even Hackney ponies with white markins, but it is rare.

Mostly, the Hackney pony has a bay-colored coat, but also come in shades of brown, gray and black. Some have white markings, but this is rare. The head is small with an extended profile. The ears are active and small, while the eyes are lively. The neck is slightly sloped and well-muscled. The back is smooth and even, while the croup is well-formed and the tail is high-set. The shoulders are broad, while the legs are lean and have excellent joints. The hooves are clean-cut and hard. These are medium-sized ponies and stand about 12 to 14 hands high (48-56 inches, 122-142 centimeters).

Personality and Temperament


This breed has enduring appeal. It is calm, possesses refined movements, and although small, is hardy.

History and Background

Developed in England in 1872 by Christopher Wilson of Westmorland, the Hackney pony was created to establish a fixed pony type within the Hackney breed. To attain the best results, breeders chose to mix the Hackney breed with blood from the Welsh and Fell ponies. Similar to its larger relative, the Hackney pony possesses great speed and agility, which is perfect for pulling carriages.


The Hackney pony does not have its own breeding stud. It is usually combined with the Hackney horse.

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