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Published Jan. 3, 2010

The Guanzhong is a Chinese horse breed which has an average-sized body. These horses are most commonly used for pulling carts, especially for transport of food and other essential products to neighboring provinces.


Physical Characteristics


The Guanzhong has a strong body build and is predominantly chestnut in color. Its head is average in size with a detailed outline. Its eyes are large and lively, while its ears are soft but perky. The neck is supple. The back is smooth; the hind is prominent; the legs are well-muscled with excellent joints; and the hooves are tough.


Personality and Temperament


This breed demonstrates excellent stamina, good attitude and discipline. These horses have an ability to regulate their vital signs even after long hours of work. They are really determined especially when they are doing field work. They also possess good adaptation skills, good speed, agility and pulling strength. They have the capacity to survive in places with extreme weather conditions. Therefore, many breeders prefer the services of the Guanzhong, especially farmers in mountainous regions.


History and Background


The Guanzhong comes from the Weihe Basin. This is a place known for its agricultural achievements. The place has outstanding humidity and abundant natural resources. That’s why many herds of sheep, cattle and horses thrive and reproduce in this region. Over 50 years, China basically imported saddle and draft horses from neighboring countries, particularly the Soviet Union.  But these never met the breeders’ expectations. They are looking for a breed that has excellent pulling strength, thus, the Guanzhong was bred.

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