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Published Jan. 2, 2010

The breed Flores is, in fact, not a horse but a pony. The breed originated in Indonesia, specifically in the Flores Isle. The breed is very rare and little data has been gathered about it. It is commonly used for riding and light draft work. It is also used for cow duty and light farm work.


Physical Characteristics


The Flores pony’s color is usually termed “red.” This means that the horses usually have a reddish-brown or a chestnut coat. The Flores stands at an average of 12.1 hands (48.4 inches, 123 centimeters).


Personality and Temperament


The Flores Pony is said to be very patient and quiet. It is a calm and amiable breed.


History and Background


The Flores breed supposedly originated from Timor, Indonesia and it is named after Indonesia’s Flores Isle. Little information is available about this pony, however, and Indonesian authorities give very different versions of the horse’s origin.


Apparently, the Flores is a result of breeding Mongolian and West Asian (or Oriental) breeds of horses. However, it probably carries the mark of other breeds as well. A lot of horses were brought to Indonesia, after all. Genetic testing and other types of breed evaluation were used and it was found out that the Flores has genes that seem to be from African or Asian horse breeds. In conclusion, the Flores is simply a breed that is a result of unknown cross-breeding.

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