Czechoslovakian Small Riding Horse


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Published Dec. 20, 2009

The Czechoslovakian Small Riding Horse, as its name implies, is a small horse that originates from Czechoslovakia. Despite its rarity, it is considered an ideal riding horse.


Physical Characteristics


Although it is small -- standing at about 13.2 to 13.3 hands high (53 inches, 135 centimeters) -- this horse is quite hardy. It has tough hooves that are well-suited to rough terrain.


Personality and Temperament


The Czechoslovakian Small Riding Horse is very docile, but it is also alert and able to keep calm even under pressure.




It is easy to care for a Czechoslovakian Small Riding Horse. In fact, due to its small size, there is little cost in feeding the horse.


History and Background


Development of the Czechoslovakian Small Riding Horse began in 1980 at the Agricultural University in Nitra. The initial breeding stock, about 70 mares, were all all kept on the Nová Baňa farm.


Although most of the broodmares chosen for the breeding program were Arab horses, there were also some Hanoverian, Hucul, and Slovak Warmblood used in the project. The offspring of the first breeding attempt (27 mares crossed with Branco, a Welsh Pony stallion) were all made to live on rough terrain; it was hoped that the horses would adapt to such terrain. Another Welsh stallion named "Shal" was used for the following breeding effort, of which the foals were also made to love on rough terrain.

Once adjusted to the new terrain, in 1984, the foals were trained in harness and under saddle. Nearly every foal learned these new skills quickly. In fact, this group became the stock for the new Czechoslovakian Small Riding Horse breed.


Due to its small stature, a conference was held in 1989 at the Agricultural University of Nitra to refine its primary purpose. The final conclusion: the Czechoslovakian Small Riding Horse would be bred for the purpose of providing small sport horses for children from 8 to 16 years old.


In 1990, the breeders of the Czechoslovakian Small Riding Horse increased the number of broodmares from 70 to 100 and, by then, there were already plans being formed to establish a club for this new breed in Nitra

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