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The Gidran is one of the few purebreds that has both the strength and endurance of saddle and harness horses. This large-sized horse is usually used for pulling carts, wagons and carriages as well as riding.


Physical Characteristics


Gidrans have strong body contours. Because of their big body, they have been used as saddle horses.  The head is quite small but is relative in size to the body. They have large, clear brown eyes with ears slightly pointed inward. The neck is sloped and brawny; the back is straight and the loins are stretched; the chest is deep while the shoulder is broad.  The legs are strong and the joints are somewhat well-rounded. The hooves are hard and perfectly shaped. Gidrans are usually chestnut brown and stand 16.1-17 hands high (64-68 inches, 163-173 centimeters).


Personality and Temperament


Gidrans are gentle horses that are very useful in farm work. They can stay for long hours under the hot sun, even on rocky ground. Although these horses are average jumpers, they can be used in sporting events.


History and Background


The Gidran is believed to have originated from Siglavy Gidran, an Arab stallion. The breed was brought to Hungary by Prince Gidran, who gave the horse its name. During the Prince’s lifetime, these horses were classified according to coat color. There were instances of cross-breeding, but a few were not successful. Some mares were matched with thoroughbred stallions, but unfortunately the offspring were somewhat ill-tempered.  They were eventually terminated. During times of war, some Gidrans were used as pack horses to carry weapons and pull heavy artillery.


During the cross-breeding of the Thoroughbred and the Gidran, there have been incidences of ill-tempered horses. Luckily, breeders have developed methods to decrease the instances of this kind of offspring. The Hungarian studs only serve one purpose in keeping these Gidran: they want to preserve the pure bloodline while experimenting on breeds which will eventually produce an appealing breed of Gidran.

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