French Anglo-Arab


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Published Jan. 2, 2010

The French Anglo-Arab is the combination of Thoroughbred and Arab horses. This type of cross-breed is commonly available in all parts of the world, but France has made it popular. It has become one of France’s distinct and fine horses used for riding and sports.


Physical Characteristics


The French Anglo-Arab has a straight outline with a very sturdy bone structure as well as flexible legs and joints. Its neck is broad and muscular; the croup is flat and stretched. Compared to the Arab type, the French Anglo-Arab is notably taller than the purebred. It can reach up to 16 hands high (64 inches, 162 centimeters). The breed comes in bay and chestnut, with a rich, thick coat covering the body.


Personality and Temperament


Having the characteristics of the English Thoroughbred and the Arab, these horses demonstrate sophistication and aggressiveness. They have become esteemed horses, chosen to compete in different sporting events such as show jumping and dressage. Besides their exceptional talent in equestrian sports, they are known for their beauty, magnificence and highly-valued skills. They have the gift of holding their rider without any discomfort and, at the same time, maintaining a very graceful and steady gait. That’s why the French Anglo-Arab is one of the best riding horses in the world.


History and Background


In the early 19th Century, France had begun crossing purebreds like the Thoroughbred and the Arab. These breeds are traditionally developed in areas all around France and are sought after by many horse lovers. Despite the increase in the number of cross-breeds in Europe, the French Anglo-Arab was the first that was very famous for sporting events as well as for carrying riders in difficult terrain.

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