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This is a strong horse breed with well-formed muscles and a massive body. Its physical attributes make it ideal for farm and heavy draft work. Unfortunately, it has become a rather rare breed.


Physical Characteristics


Standing at about 15.2 to 16.2 hands high (60-64 inches, 152-163 centimeters), the Auxois is larger than its relative, the Ardennais. Despite its massive body, the Auxois is quite agile, drawing its strength from its muscular neck, prominent withers, wide chest, and brawny croup and forearms. Because of its dense bones and strong knees, the Auxois is also ideal for heavy labor and work detail. Most Auxois horses are bay and road in color, although red roan and chestnut horses are sometimes seen.


Personality and Temperament


Don't let its intimidating size fool you, the Auxois has a calm, gentle temperament.


History and Background


A close relative to the Ardennais horse breed, the Auxois is actually a product of crossbreeding a Bourguignon with an Ardennais. However, the Auxois stock was enhanced in the 19th century by introducing Northern Ardennais, Boulonnais, and Percheron blood. The Auxois originates from France but was used in Belgium and Sweden when these countries bred their own distinctive stock. The Auxois has had a stud book since 1913.


Although the Auxois has had a stud book since 1913, it is now considered a rare breed. Today it is still used for heavy draft and farm work.

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