Top Three Pet Sharks

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#2 The Bamboo Shark

The bamboo shark family itself contains seven different species, including the brownbanded, spotted, and whitespotted bamboo sharks. They are mainly found in the Indo-West Pacific Ocean and have a pair of rather dexterous fins that they use to walk on the ocean floor, or in your tank …


Although the bamboo shark gets along fine with other fish, you probably shouldn't put other fish in the aquarium that are big enough to look like an appetizing treat for the shark. This is because the bamboo shark gets hungrier than his sluggish Wobbegong friend. However, if you should feed it a few times a day, with fishy delicacies such as shrimp, fish, and squid, all should be well.


Additionally, a bamboo shark should only be placed in a large aquarium, as this shark family prefers plenty of room to swim about -- often at night, as they're nocturnal.


#1 The Epaulette

This is pretty much the most popular of all shark pets. And why not? He’s a handsome fella: slender, slick, fast-moving (great to maneuver around the coral branches found in his natural habitat) and the proud bearer of -- among the others on his body -- two big dark spots above his pectoral fins that resemble the fancy epaulettes on military uniforms, thus his rather unusual name.


An Australian shark, the epaulette makes an excellent pet shark because it likes confined spaces. It makes them feel safe.


A bottom feeder, the epaulette also prefers wide, open, sandy-bottomed aquariums. And like many other sharks, the epaulette will often fast for a few weeks before having a feast. And yes, they do enjoy a nice shrimp, though probably not on the “barbie.” Raw shrimp popped into their tank will be more than adequate.




So there you have it. Some information about the top three pet sharks out there. Remember, research, research, research, and research again. Sharks are majestic creatures and need a home they can grow comfortably into. Good luck!