Abscesses in Chinchillas

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Inflammatory Skin Lesions, Abscesses


When pus collects in a cavity under the skin or in the membrane of an organ, abscesses are formed. In chinchillas, abscesses usually occur following an infection from a bite wounds or other traumatic injuries. These infections may be bacterial, spreading to other areas of the body and causing abscesses to develop there, too. Abscesses need to be treated promptly, as the infection may enter the blood stream, leading to toxemia and, in prolonged and severe cases, even death.




  • Slight swelling beneath the fur
  • A firm lump or growth
  • Pain while touching the growth
  • Redness in the area
  • Secretion of pus




Infections due to bite wounds or traumatic injuries are the main causes for abscesses in chinchillas.




Your veterinarian will conduct a physical examination of the skin lesions to rule out other skin-like cysts, hematomas and abdominal hernias by doing an exploratory puncture of the abscess and identifying the nature of its contents.