Difficulty Giving Birth in Chinchillas

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Dystocia in Chinchillas

When a chinchilla has difficulty giving birth or there is a birthing abnormality, the condition is called dystocia. Though this condition is rarely encountered in chinchillas, dystocia can occur in very young females when they are bred early before the uterus and pelvic bones have fully developed. Dystocia may also occur when the fetus is abnormally large or in misplaced fetuses.

When dystocia is suspected, a veterinarian should be asked to tend to the case to prevent any complications from developing. The veterinarian will use hormonal aids like oxytocin to help the chinchilla deliver the kit in an easier manner. If the chinchilla still faces difficulty giving birth, surgical delivery in the way of C-section may be done.


  • Labor exceeding four hours
  • Discomfort
  • Partial birth
  • Pregnancy past due date


Dystocia in chinchillas may be observed with an abnormally large or misplaced fetus, or in young females bred too early. Poorly conditioned females may also develop a condition in which uterine contractions weaken or stop, or they may lack sufficient strength to deliver the kits.


Diagnosis is based on the symptoms observed. If the chinchilla has passed the due date and still not delivered, your veterinarian might want to check on your chinchilla’s condition by taking an X-ray of the uterus.

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