Top 5 DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

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#3 Ghost Dog


Why we like it: Number one, just saying “ghost dog” makes us think of martial arts anime (because Ghost Dog would be an awesome character name). Number two, it also makes us think of Charlie Brown's Halloween special, also awesome. And number three, it doesn't get much easier than this.


All you need is a white, twin size sheet, a length of elastic, a black marking pen, needle and thread, and a dog that is laid back enough to allow you to throw a sheet over his head. Start by arranging the sheet over your dog (including the head) so that it falls evenly all around. Pin the spots that hang past the dog's feet so that you know where to cut it -- you want the sheet length to be just above your dog's feet so that s/he won't trip over the edges. With your marking pen, mark the spots where your dogs eyes, ears and snout are, so that you know where to make holes -- do not cut the holes while your dog has the sheet over his head! Also, make a small mark at the spot where his neck is so you will know where to attach the length of elastic. This is to keep the sheet from sliding off while your dog is moving around.


Once you have everything marked, take the sheet off, cut the holes for the ears, eyes and nose, making sure the holes are not too big but are big enough for your dog to see clearly, cut the edges of the sheet so that the dog's feet will be free of any excess fabric, and attach the elastic on the inside of the fabric at the neck so that there is a neckband to hold the fabric onto the head and body securely.