Top 8 Dog Hobbies

PetMD Editorial
Updated: December 19, 2016
Published: April 07, 2010
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Animals are important in life, they make us live longer, feel better and are a constant, supportive companion. If you’re thinking about getting a pet but aren’t sure if a dog is right for you and your lifestyle, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 8 hobbies for dogs. Match up on more than a few of these and you'll know you've found a companion for life.

#8 Walks

Dogs love the outside world. All the new smells and things to see and people to meet. It’s great. Show them a leash or mention the word “walk” and you’ll have an excited (possibly) salivating creature on your hands. Snap on the leash and you’re good to go. Though, depending on the breed and the temperament, dogs love to go on walks at least once or twice a day, so be prepared for the extra exercise.

#7 Fetch, It’s Mine, and Other Games

Walks are fine and dandy, but not enough to keep a dog fit. As a social creature, they love to mix their exercise regime with fun (and that fun always includes you). Whether it’s Frisbee in the park, fetch the stick, or the perennial dog fave, “It’s Mine,” there are plenty of games you can play with your dog. Plus, the games will keep you both happy and fit.

#6 Treats!

Because most dogs love to forage for treats, they should most definitely be considered a hobby. No matter where they are -- on the street, in a suspicious looking puddle, from the rubbish bin, even beneath the kitchen table -- the dog will go absolutely gaga over those tasty morsels. And let's face it, we're not much different. Best, though, are the special treats he earns after doing something right, learning a new trick, or obeying command.

#5 The Dog Park

It's a place where your dog can meet and play with other pups. Where they will bound, chase, bark, and do other doggy things. But the real reason they love the dog park? Because it means they get to run about outdoors without their leash!

#4 Bounding

Some dogs don’t bound, they dance. Others, well, they jump up. But really, it’s all the same thing. They love to perform for you when they get excited. Bounding across the room, onto furniture, or dancing on their hind legs. It’s something they work at in their spare time (when you’re not at home), and they love to show off their skills when you’re there.

#3 Eating

No doubt about it, eating is a hobby of dogs. Some prepare for eating competitions and chow down everything you put in front of them in record time, others will train you for the best food they can get. And still others work on getting the tasty morsels … and only the tasty morsels. But they love to eat. Period.

#2 Chasing

Cars, cats, rabbits, mailmen, their tails, shadows, chasing is an important part of a dog’s day. Whether it be for a purely fun few minutes, or because they are trying to be big and strong and important, they love to chase.

#1 Giving You Kisses

A dog’s very favorite thing in the world is to show you how much they love you when you come home. The excitement and the performance differs from dog to dog, but make no mistake this dog hobby will very swiftly become yours, too.

Dogs do differ in size and temperament and daily needs. So choose one that fits your life, and treat him well. They deserve it.