5 Mistakes People Make When Feeding Pets a Raw Food Diet

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Mistake #3: Forgetting Fruits


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Fruit can be a great addition to a raw diet for a number of reasons. For example, Morgan likes to add berries to raw diets because of their antioxidant content, while Alinovi uses large chunks of apple or watermelon as chew treats. “Fruit provides fiber, vitamins, flavor and variety,” Alinovi says.


Fruit can be added to a raw diet whole (after removing the pits), diced, puréed, stewed, or any other preparation method.


“Like vegetables, it's best to keep under 30% fruit as the majority of a dog's nutrition comes from meat,” says Alinovi. “Do not feed grapes or raisins as they can cause kidney damage, and avoid fruits canned with sugar.”


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