5 Mistakes People Make When Feeding Pets a Raw Food Diet

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Mistake #2: Thinking a Raw Diet is All About Raw Meat


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While raw diets do contain a large amount of meat, they are often complemented by other ingredients. For example, Morgan says she likes to see muscle meat, organs, bones, eggs, veggies, and sea creatures (cooked mussels or oysters) in a raw diet.


“It takes variety to cover all vitamins and minerals that are needed and to get the proper balance of omega 3:6,” Morgan explains.


Even commercially manufactured raw diets contain “extras.” The most famous example is BARF (Biologically Active Raw Food), a diet pioneered by Dr. Ian Billinghurst. According to Alinovi, a BARF-based meat patty is 50% raw meat, with an assortment of additions making up the other 50% of the ingredients.


“These additions may include eggs (raw), cheese, kelp, liver, vegetables (minced, raw), cod liver oil, and salt,” Alinovi says. “Obviously, the cheese in the BARF diet is processed.”


Other variations of a raw diet may include cooked vegetables.


“Vegetables are more difficult for dogs to digest than for humans,” Alinovi says. “Therefore, vegetables should be minced, juiced, or cooked to aid digestion.”


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