Australian Shepherd Field Guide

PetMD Editorial
Updated: November 25, 2020
Published: November 01, 2018
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The Australian Shepherd is a staple farm dog, known for its expertise as an all-purpose herding dog. They are an athletic breed of dogs that excel as working or agility dogs due to their grace and speed.

Australian Shepherds also have a weatherproof double coat that comes in a very wide variety of colorations. From simple black and white to blue merle or tricolor, every Australian Shepherd has its own unique coat pattern and coloring.

The energetic Australian Shepherd has a keen herding instinct, which means they might even try to herd children or small animals. Australian Shepherd owners know that this active, intelligent dog breed will find its own entertainment if not provided with an outlet for energy. Daily exercise is a must for this dog breed.

To learn more about this dog breed, check out this Australian Shepherd field guide.