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Shaker Syndrome in Dogs



Depending on how severe the tremors are, and your dog's overall condition, care will be given inpatient or outpatient. If your dog is very ill as the result of tremors, or if there is an underlying condition or infection, your dog will be hospitalized until its health stabilizes. The primary treatment for neurological shaker syndrome is the use of corticosteroids for reducing the inflammatory response in the body. Most dogs recover in a week although some rare patients never entirely recover. The steroids will be gradually reduced over the course of a few months until they are not being used anymore. Steroid treatment will be  reinstated if symptoms recur, and in some cases, steroid treatment will need to be continued for a longer period and possible even the lifetime of the dog in order to maintain health.


Living and Management


Your veterinarian will schedule weekly evaluations for your dog for the first month after the initial treatment. Thereafter, your veterinarian will schedule monthly follow-up appointments with you for your pet until the corticosteroids are discontinued.




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