Top 8 Cat Hobbies

By PetMD Editorial on Apr. 5, 2010

Meow Monday

Thinking about getting a cat but unsure if she will fit in with your lifestyle? Well, they're suited for small living spaces much better than many dogs are, and they don’t require as much hands-on attention as our doggy pals -- both of which are purr-fect for busy people. But what about their hobbies? Will they fit in with you and your lifestyle? Read on and discover the top eight cat hobbies and see if it'll be a match made in kitty heaven.

#8 Pouncing

Cats love to pounce. It’s a good way to hone their already sharp hunting skills, and perfect for someone with a rodent problem. They’ll pounce on toys, shiny things, balls, toes, their tails, and even things that us mere humans can’t see.

#7 Sunning

A favorite hobby amongst our feline friends is to find a nice warm spot of sunlight and sprawl in it, soaking up the rays. This can be anywhere in the house, often right in the middle of the walkway. But it’s okay, they understand and will let you walk around them. And when there’s no sun? Don't worry, they’ll snuggle up against something warm, like the heater, or you.

#6 People Watching

Cats love to observe the world as it passes by. They love to perch on a windowsill and just watch. Sometimes commenting with a meow here and there. Some cats have fans who visit them regularly. This is okay. Your cat will still love you most. But really, who doesn't appreciate a bevy of admirers?

#5 Stalking

Not the kind of stalking that gets humans into so much trouble -- cats find that demeaning. No, the cat version of stalking is much more noble and is entrenched in their hunting skills. Cats will stalk toys, string, laser lights, anything that you use to play with them. Plus, it gives them the daily workout they need to keep themselves looking so good.

#4 Eating

Part of looking good for any cat is diet. They love to eat. The better the quality of the diet, the better the cat looks. Raw food diets and high quality wet food that’s meal and by-product free is the best. Just don’t overfeed, as your cat doesn’t want to be a fat cat, just a sleek one.

#3 Purring

All cats are proud of the fact they can purr. A dog's bark? What a bunch of hubbub. Only felines can let out such a sophisticated and soothing sound to demonstrate that they're happy and content (though experts think they use purring to demonstrate other emotions too). Can you think of a better way to show how much you love someone?

#2 Self-Grooming

A cat doesn’t look that good just by will power. She's a consummate groomer, washing herself many times a day. This makes her smell good and look shiny and soft. And, she loves to do it. After all, a cat does love to look as beautiful and glamorous as possible. You know, just in case an impromptu catwalk appears.

#1 Sleeping

Quite possibly a cat’s favorite hobby. Sleeping not only helps her always have enough energy for a sudden trek in the wild, hunting random wild animals (or human legs), and toys … it gives her that extra kitty glow we all love so much.

As you can see, with just the right amount of human interaction, a cat is more than able to entertain herself. Of course, never neglect your cat, because like the rest of us, they need love and attention.

As to what a cat gets up to when you’re not around. Well, that’s one hobby they all refuse to divulge.

Meow! It’s Monday.

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