Top 3 Reasons Cats Are Like Kids


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Published Oct. 5, 2009

By Diana Waldhuber

Biological clock ticking? Family pressuring you into procreating? Or maybe it’s the thing to do, according to peer pressure. In this modern world, birthing babies, while a good thing, is certainly not the be-all, end-all of your life as a fulfilled parent. Why? Because we have pets!

Pets are just like children. Especially cats. Don’t believe us? Read on, and we’ll give you the top three reasons why a cat is just like a child.

#3 Inquisitive Eyes

Owning a cat and having a small child is remarkably similar. They watch your every move. As you walk around the room, as you eat, as you sleep -- cats are always watching you with those big, trusting eyes. It makes them feel safe to keep you in their line of sight.

#2 Snuggle Time

Cats cherish the time you come home and immerse them with pure love. A cat may call it their right, we just think it's what they deserve. Whatever the case, snuggle time is essential. Whether you're with your child or with your kitty cat, there is nothing that adds to a relationship more than the love and trust displayed when you hold them close.

#1 Testing Boundaries

Cats exude independence, while children crave it. Thing is, when either one of them gets it, they come running for mamma's arms (don't tell the kitties).

Boundaries are meant to be tested, and kitties tend to have a Ph.D. in that arena. However, giving them room to move and grow, while in a controlled environment, will help prepare your kids for the "real" world. This applies to both your furry and non-furry kids.

So, you see, owning and loving your fur baby is not unlike having a child of your own. Congratulations, and please remember this: treat your little feline just like you would your own flesh and blood: with love and respect and understanding.

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