Hypoallergenic Bird Species

By PetMD Editorial on May 17, 2011


Many people think pet dander is limited to furry animals, particularly those with long hair. So it could be frustrating to some would-be pet adoptees to learn, sometimes too late, that our avian friends also produce pet dander.

People who have especially sensitive respiratory systems or suffer from asthma find out only after bringing a pet bird home that birds can trigger allergies, too. If you already suffer from allergies but would like to bring a feathered friend home, here are some birds that are considered “hypoallergenic,” or less prone to induce an allergy attack:

  • Electus
  • Parakeets (or Budgies). Parakeets are a good choice for allergy sufferers as they shed little dander even when they’re molting.
  • Pionus
  • Toucans

Besides using a HEPA air filter and cleaning your home often, you can shower your bird to reduce the pet dander.

Image: su neko / via Flickr

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