Dr. Vivian Carroll

Vivian Carroll, DVM

Vivian Carroll, DVM

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Education & Trainings

1995 Bachelors of Veterinary Science from Texas A&M University

1998 Graduated Cum Laude from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine

Member of Phi Zeta Veterinary Honor Society

Professional Memberships

American Heartworm Society

Association of Shelter Veterinarians

International Society of Companion Animal Infectious Disease

Collin County Veterinary Medical Association

American Animal Hospital Association

Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice

American Veterinary Medical Association

Texas Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Vivian Cardoso-Carroll is just a regular old (well, not old-old, but kind of old by teenager standards) general practice veterinarian. Her professional interest and unofficial specialty is internal medicine. She doesn’t do major surgeries. In fact, the last animal she spayed was in 2010. (It’s not that she can’t do the surgeries; she's actually pretty good at them. But the stress of potentially making a patient worse off as a result of an incision is a bit much for her). Her favorite surgery is probably the laceration repair (usually post-dog fight) because it’s like putting together a puzzle. Granted, it’s a flesh puzzle, but vets are weird that way.

After graduation, she went straight into private practice at a corporate-owned veterinary hospital in Dallas. Corporate veterinary medicine was not quite for her, so in May of 2000, she started working at Animal Medical Center of Plano as an associate veterinarian for over 17 years. Currently, she works at Mazie's Mission animal rescue as a veterinarian. 

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