Veteran's Dying Wish is to Find a Loving Home for His Service Dog

By PetMD Editorial on Jun. 23, 2015
Veteran's Dying Wish is to Find a Loving Home for His Service Dog

By Deidre Grieves

When Sacramento veteran Tristen Kerr was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer, he didn’t think about himself—he thought about his dog.

According to KCRA News, Kerr was given only a few months to live and his dying wish is to find someone to take care of his dog Kane when he passes away.

Kane, a 7-year-old Doberman Pinscher, is a trained service dog who has helped the 62-year-old veteran cope with stress. The dog has been invaluable to Kerr over the past few months since his health began to deteriorate. “He is my stability," Kerr told reporters. "He is my heart."

Kerr described Kane as a “kind and loving” companion who would make the perfect addition to any dog-lover’s home. Kane, like most other dogs, enjoys walking in the park and taking naps. He’s in good health and is expected to outlive Kerr by many years.

Because of the dog’s age and his positive health outlook, Kerr told reporters that it’s essential for him to find Kane a home before his time runs out. “He's all I have," Kerr told KCRA News. "And it's very important to me to know that he's going to have a good home."

Kerr is looking for a new family who can give Kane plenty of attention — possibly a retiree who can spend his or her days with the loving canine.

While it is incredibly sad to know that Kerr’s diagnosis will take him away from his beloved pet earlier than anticipated, it’s uplifting to know that this man is doing everything he can to ensure his dog’s future in a caring home. We have no doubt that someone amazing will step up and grant this man’s dying wish by giving Kane a lifetime of love and companionship.


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